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  • PrimeTime, Day or Night

  • 24/7 Courier Drivers

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  • Always Available!

  • Immediate Parcel Pick up!!
  • Full-service Delivery Company, with a number of specialties!!
  • On-Call Drivers 24/7!! Open on HOLIDAYS!!!


  • Schedule Rush and Same-Day Deliveries!
  • Scheduled service (items are picked up and delivered on a daily, or weekly basis).
  • Routed service (items are picked up and delivered to various locations. i.e., Pickup from point A to point B and point C then back to point A).
  • On-demand 24/7 service (items are picked up as needed).
  • 24/7 Services by PrimeTime!
  • Regular Service: Package is picked up within 30 to 60 minutes and delivered with in 3 to 6 hours or less from the time the order is placed in the Southern California Area.
  • Rush Service: Package is picked up within 30 to 60 minutes and a dedicated driver non-stop drives to destination until final destination has been reached. Delivery is guaranteed in 1-3 hours or less from the time the order is placed in the greater San Diego area.
  • Overnight Delivery: Overnight Deliveries in Southern California will be picked up the night before and delivered to the destination by 10 am.
  • After Hours Delivery: Begins between 6 pm to 8 am. The Package is picked up and delivered in 2 hours or less from the time the order is placed in the Greater San Diego area.
  • Waiting Time: First 15 minutes at no charge. For every additional 15 minutes $5 will be added to the total.
  • Weight: First 10 pounds are no charge with delivery, additional weight is 10 cents per pound.
  • Special Accommodations!
  • Mail Pick Ups: Don't have time to go to the post office? AnytimeXpress drivers can pick up and deliver your mail to you or to the post office on a daily or weekly basis. Mail Pick Ups and Deliveries can be scheduled according to your needs.
  • Prearranged / Scheduled Deliveries: AnytimeXpress can arrange scheduled pick ups and deliveries. You can arrange to have our drivers pick up and deliver on a daily or weekly basis for such tasks as Bank Deposits, hospital equipment.. etc.
  • Customized Routes: You can schedule and customize routes for our drivers to pick up from and deliver to on a daily or weekly basis.
  • On Demand Non-Stop Deliveries: Our on demand non-stop deliveries are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Legal Notice

Terms and Conditions: AnytimeXpress' liability for loss or damage, for any reason, to all shipments shall in no event exceed $100. It is acknowledged by signature that all invoices are due thirty (30) days following date of invoice, unless stated differently on the invoice.

If terms have not been met after sixty (60) days, the account is subject to a Cash only basis. In the event of default or litigation for lack of payment, the undersigned agrees to pay all collection fees, interest charge 1 1/2% per month (18% per annual) and/or attorney's fees, whether or not suit is filed. Applicant's signature represents financial responsibility, ability and willingness to pay our invoice in accordance with the above terms.

About Us

Executives at AnytimeXpress Delivery, delivery couriers, has been doing business since 1996. As we went through the years we have found many solutions to our customers needs.

This interaction with our customers allows us to better serve each individual customer with outstanding service, also in better serving you.

AnytimeXpress is a courier service that always delivers customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is treated as if they were the only customer.

AnytimeXpress Delivery Courier Services has experienced and well trained drivers that will meet and beat your expectations.